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19/11/2013 20:48

Bournemouth game on Sky

We are meeting up to watch this one at Sportsters Bar in Edinburgh.


27/07/2013 19:07

Gordon Greer's Shirt

This year's shirt sponsorship raffle is under way. If you would like to participate, please contact Chris.


27/07/2013 19:03

Games on TV

Last season, we met up in Stirling, Falkirk and Glasgow to watch the  various televised games. Check Facebook or the mailing list for arrangements for this season's games. Also, if you know of a good pub in the Central Belt, please shout.


18/09/2011 13:51

Sky Games: Stirling

We are trying a new venue for this week's televised games - against Liverpool and Leeds. The pub is the City Walls in Stirling. Please note they have a no club colours policy.  


08/08/2011 17:15

Pictures from the Amex

A great turn-out of Albas for the opening league game at the Amex. 


25/07/2011 22:02

Albas Amex Celebration

Many of us will be at the Amex on August 6th to celebrate that historic first league game. To mark the occasion we are thinking of producing a special t-shirt - so all ideas and orders to Chris. 


25/07/2011 21:59

Leeds on Sky

The first game to be televised from the Amex is Albion versus Leeds United on Friday, 23rd September. Venue still to be decided (all suggestions welcome), so watch this space.


25/07/2011 21:53

Raffle 2011

It's that time of year again - and we have another superb shirt up for raffle. This year we have Gordon Greer's 2010 - 2011 home shirt signed by the team & management in this League winning year. This is first prize, and we have a BHAlba Scottish Seagulls T-Shirt also signed by the 2010 - 2011...


22/09/2010 22:42


Sorry about the lack of updates here - everyone seems to be using Facebook these days. Anyway, here are few pictures form our latest sortie..            


23/01/2010 20:19

Colchester on Sky

Another trip to Behind the Wall beckons. Monday 8th March is the date. Colchester versus Albion is the match. Come along and join the fun.