BHAlba: Scottish Seagulls

Newsletter August 2009

16/08/2009 13:48


Well not a great start to the season but hopefully the new team will start gelling soon.

Just a few items to keep you all informed about.

  1. Shirt Sponsorship


We are sponsoring Dean Cox’s home shirt again this season at a cost of £425.  This will be covered by the raffle for Dean’s last season’s home shirt signed by team.

The price of the tickets are £5.00 and we will make the draw at our home game (Carlisle Away) on 12th September.  I have emailed to club to see if they will let one of the club staff make the draw for us.  They haven’t responded yet but I will keep you informed.  Remember if you enter you can be considered for attending the sponsors’ dinner with our player and the rest of team in April 2010 as well.

Thank you for those that have already contacted me and paid for their tickets.  There are a few tickets left so just email me or contact me through Facebook if you want any (more!).

I haven’t seen a home programme yet so can someone please check that we are listed correctly in there as Dean’s sponsor.

  1. Cartoons

I still have a couple of signed cartoons from last season’s programme if anyone is interested.  An offer of £20 will get you one.  If you want see them, photos are on Facebook and our website.

  1. New Funding Idea

Kip has posted his idea on Facebook and I have pasted below. Your comments will be most welcome.

“On survival day in May, Chris, Martin, wee Graeme & I had a chat about the possibility of asking Bhalba members to consider setting up a monthly standing order for £1 or £2. As we have no membership fee we thought this might be a way of ensuring we always have funds available & take the pressure off certain individuals having to cough large sums to make sure we can pay the sponsorship at the right time. It would also help those who generally don't get to games feel more involved. And depending on take up (30+ members?) we might be able to think about subsidising a trip. Your thoughts please ladies & gents.”

4.    New Clothing

I didn’t get too much feedback about ordering some new clothing items with our logo.  I am prepared to look into this further (I have a supplier in mind) but only if I get enough of us interested.  I was thinking of new Tee-shirts, woolly hat and caps. Again please contact me if you are interested.

5.    Carlisle Away, Sat 14th September

I’ve had a quick look at the train times. The best options appear to be:

      From Glasgow Central

      Depart:           10.10                          Arrive:             11.27

      Depart:           11.27                          Arrive:             11.46

      From Edinburgh Waverley

      Depart:           10.52                          Arrive:             12.05

Prices seem to have gone up a bit from last season so it maybe better to buy a group ticket but we will have decide if we go from Glasgow or Edinburgh. Let me know if you are interested.

I know some maybe driving, so if you are able to offer a lift I know this will be appreciated by some of the members.  Suggest you post on Facebook or email me to pass on.

Anyone remember the name of the pub we meet up in. All I remember is that it is on Botchergate but then again isn’t nearly every pub in Carlisle.


Let’s keep in contact. Any new members and ideas are very welcome.


the best news, Behind the Wall in Falkirk has refurbished the toilets especially for our televised games.  Kip is most excited in view of the amount of time he spends in there – at least it should help our goal ratio.

Chris Knight